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  • Black Friday/Holiday Weekend Specials

    Only Available Friday-Monday
    • Rolfing 10 Series $1,100
      The Rolfing 10 Series is the Hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration and works to systematically work through the entire over 10 sessions to balance and align the body in gravity to always for more freedom of movement, ease in your body overall, and an increase in your sense of wellbeing. 
    • Rolfing 5 Pack $575
      Perfect Post-10 mini series
    • Rolfing 3 Pack $360
      Great for a tune-up or as an introduction to the 10 series
    • Rolfing Session $130
  • Rolfing Session $140
  • Rolfing 3 Pack $400
  • Rolfing 10 Series $1,300



Patchogue Wellness Center, 157 North Ocean Ave, 1B, Patchogue, NY, 11772


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